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Four pillars of Reagan's economic policy were:

Reduce Government spending

Reduce Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax

Reduce Government

Control the money supply to reduce inflation

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Members of Republicans of River City has submitted to the California Republican Party a draft platform to be consider at the fall 2015 convention for adoption.

Our changes to platform committee and delegates are note below in RED

We appreciate your support of the California Republican Party and our efforts in building a better platform and we invite you to review our recommendations to help the delegates make a wise decision at the convention for future generation of California citizens.

Please feel free to contact me so that we might answer your questions and serve you better.

Carl Burton, President


California Republican Party Platform 


The California Republican Party envisions a vibrant, prosperous and safe California defined by a robust and growing world-class economy, strong and healthy families, and reformed and responsive state and local governments that serve all people while protecting individual liberty.  We are boldly confident about California’s future and hold dearly all that is good about California’s people.


 We are committed to protecting the lives and resources of aging Californians.

Californians who have retired, or are close to retirement, should be free from worry that the resources they have built through their own work will be siphoned off by inflation or government action.  We support laws that would prevent state or local governments from increasing property taxes on personal residences after owners reach 65.  We oppose state taxes on Social Security income. 

The California Republican Party is committed to promoting the opportunity for aging citizens to enjoy their retirement with the means they have accumulated throughout their working lives.


Agriculture, California’s leading industry, exemplifies the free market at work. 

The California Republican Party recognizes that agriculture is one of California's leading industries and is essential to the future of California’s economy and the health and well-being of its citizens. 

Government should create a favorable policy environment that supports California’s farmers and ranchers, maximizing their ability to receive the reward for the risks they take year after year, while strengthening their ability to provide quality products at reasonable costs to consumers.  California’s approach, rather, has been beset by over-regulation, environmental extremism, and restricted access to water, the agricultural sector’s lifeblood.


The California Republican Party believes that respect for the law is the cornerstone of a free, fair and well-ordered society. 

The California Republican Party believes one of the most fundamental duties of government is to enhance public safety and welfare by crafting and enforcing laws in a fair, just, and efficient manner.

California Republicans believe Peace Officers deserve our thanks for our public safety while fighting crimes in our communities.

We believe the state, not the federal government, should govern and dictate criminal statutes and protect Californians’ quality of life.

The California Republican Party believes that the rights of crime victims are paramount in a just criminal process.  We support the rights of crime victims to give statements and be heard by the court, to collect restitution from defendants as enumerated by law, and to be given notification upon release of prisoners.

The California Republican Party has backed legislation such as “Three Strikes and You’re Out,” “One Strike and You’re Out,” “10-20-Life,” “Jessica’s Law,” “Sexually Violent Predators Law,” and “Juvenile (Gang) Crime Initiative.”  These laws have kept the most dangerous and recidivist criminals off our streets and in prisons where they belong.

We support the section of the California Penal Code that states that the primary purpose of incarceration is punishment; therefore, prisoners should not be allowed gratuitous perks, such as those outlined in the “Prisoners’ Bill of Rights.”  We support prisoner work programs that help prisons become self-supporting.  

We believe that in order to keep dangerous criminals off our streets, we must build more prisons.  We support the immediate construction of new prisons and sufficient utilization of private prisons in order to eliminate prison overcrowding and avoid early release.   

We support the death penalty as the only effective deterrent for “special circumstances” murders.  These are murders so heinous and depraved that the only just punishment is death.  Special circumstances include murdering for financial gain; multiple murders; murder with the use of a bomb; murdering a peace officer, witness, judge, prosecutor, or juror; murder while lying in wait; murder during kidnapping, torture, or sexual assault; and murder to enhance gang activity.   

In the larger War on Terror, the California Republican Party supports the criminalization of activities that advocate acts of terrorism, violent conduct, or the killing of innocent people.  We support the death penalty for anyone convicted of carrying out a terrorist attack on the United States. 

For the safety of our cities and neighborhoods, Republicans believe that criminals that have been deported must remain deported and we are opposed to sanctuary communities in California.

The California Republican Party decries the early release of prisoners who have been sentenced under the law.  Citizens have the right to expect the state and the judiciary to protect them from criminals who impugn their core freedoms and prey on their ability to live safe and secure lives.   


Republicans believe every child in California is entitled to a first-class education.  

Education is the great leveler in American society. It provides the opportunity for any child to rise based on hard work and achievement.

Unfortunately, this leveling effect is lost as California's schools deteriorate due to domination by union bosses, which contribute to the degradation of the curriculum and the marginalization of involvement by parents. Republicans We support all reasonable measures to strengthen academic standards and maximize the influence and involvement of parents in the schools.

Republicans We support an education system that ensures access and opportunity for all children, blind to the color of their skin, disability, the circumstances of their neighborhood, or the socio-economic background of their home.

Republicans We believe that parents will make better choices than government in almost every case. Consequently, we support school choice programs, school voucher programs, magnet schools, charter schools, homeschooling, educational savings accounts, and the right of parents to abolish bi-lingual education in their school district, if they so choose.  We support the abolition of all regulatory barriers that prevent parents from exercising these options.

The top priority of our schools should be learning basic competencies, not social engineering.  We support metrics such as exit exams to evaluate basic competency.  We call for local schools to be controlled by parents and local school boards.  We oppose the current domination of schools by the union bosses to the detriment of parents, students, and teachers.  We support the Superior Court decision in Vergara v. California.

Schools cannot function unless they are safe.  Besides providing a rigorous course of study, safety in schools at all grade levels should be the highest priority.

Admission to all schools and programs should be based solely on merit.


English is the official language of the State of California and The California Republican Party believes all election ballots and other government documents should be printed in English only.

Republicans believe that knowledge of English creates greater economic opportunities, as most non-English speakers remain in low-skilled, low-paying jobs.

Republicans believe that all citizens should be required to learn English because knowledge of English language will increase their participation in democratic process.


The California Republican Party believes in long-term responsible stewardship of California's bountiful natural resources for future generations. 

Protection and stewardship of the American environment began under a Republican President Abraham Lincoln when he created Yosemite Park and our Republican conservative values align with the goal of conservation: safeguarding the natural resources on to which our health and economy depend.  

California Republicans support our park system and its importance to maintain for future generations 

Republicans recognizing that environmental protection and economic growth are not mutually exclusive, we will hold our State government accountable for common sense and sustainable environmental regulations that both protect and allow for prosperity.  Republicans We support environmental policies based upon sound science that encourage innovation and application of new technologies through market based incentives whenever possible instead of regulation, taxation and litigation.  Environmental regulations must be considered in light of the effects that they will have on workers and on the economy. 

We believe that the United Nations approach has been fundamentally flawed because it enables increasing emissions from the largest sources of greenhouse gasses in the world. To be truly fair and effective, we believe that any solution to greenhouse gas emissions should involve equal incentives applied worldwide and should contain provisions to protect our farms and businesses from unfair competition by countries that do not follow suit. 

Republicans We believe California industry should lead the world in developing and manufacturing safe, renewable and sustainable energy.  We encourage the development of these new technologies and systems for use in the domestic market, as well as for export.  Republicans We believe that entrepreneurs – using technology, innovation and incentives – are more likely to solve environmental problems than bureaucrats.   

The California Republican Party We support the creation of tax credits for homeowners and builders who incorporate clean energy technology alternative energy systems into their homes.  

The California Republican Party believes dependence on foreign energy threatens both our national security and economic prosperity.  Through private initiative and enterprise, we stand for the development of energy that is independent from foreign sources. 

Republicans We favor clear environmental laws with consistent, straightforward interpretation and the elimination of third party lawsuits by claimants without direct legal standing. 


Republicans We believe that public service is a trust—one of the highest callings to which any man or woman may aspire.   

Ethics in service to one’s fellow citizens goes beyond the letter of the law.  The California Republican Party calls on its elected and appointed officials always to serve others, always to demonstrate the highest standards of morality and honesty, and never to use their offices for personal gain.  Republican officeholders should give their utmost effort to improve our society and to inspire others to serve.   


The California Republican Party affirms the family as the natural and indispensable institution for human development.   

A strong and healthy family unit is the heart of the home—a safe surrounding where family decisions are made, children are raised, and morality is taught.  The family is a foundation on which American society has grown and prospered for over 200 years.  Republicans We support the two-parent family as the best environment for raising children. and therefore believe that it is important to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  We believe public policy and education should not be exploited to present or teach homosexuality as an acceptable "alternative" lifestyle.     


The California Republican Party We believes that local or state governments should resolve political matters unless the United States Constitution expressly reserves such matters for the federal government. 

The federal government has repeatedly violated the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution by encroaching on rights that are reserved and delegated to the states and to the people.  The California Republican Party firmly believes that the best governments are those most accountable to the people.  We heed Thomas Jefferson's warning: "When all government, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another."

Non-essential federal functions should be returned to the states and localities wherever possible.  It is the governments closest to the people that have the capability, knowledge, and sensitivity to local needs to effectively administer and deliver public services.  Local jurisdictions’ diverse problems require local understanding.  We must recognize the unique abilities of local government and the inherent limitations of a distant federal government; accordingly, we support the transfer of rights, responsibilities, and revenues to local jurisdictions.


The California Republican Party respects each person’s individual conscience and is a strong proponent of religious liberty for all.  Republicans We believe the Constitution is wise to guard against the establishment of a state-sponsored religion, while simultaneously honoring the free exercise of religion. 


The Republican Party is the historical party of freedom and equal opportunity.   

The Republican Party championed racial and gender equality against strong opposition.

The Republican Party is the party of equal opportunity.  It is the Republican Party that abolished slavery and stands for the right of all persons to succeed based on merit rather than non-merit based considerations.  We oppose quotas, set asides, or guaranteed equality of results.  Republicans We support laws prohibiting discrimination in employment and housing based on race, ethnicity, disability, nationality, sex, or religion.  Republicans We oppose any special rights based on sexual or behavioral preferences.  


The California Republican Party We supports an open and transparent government that is accessible to all people that it represents.

Federal, state and local government bodies should make available all legislative, budget & spending documents in an easily searchable online database. We believe that all government bodies should publicly broadcast their meetings by means of television or internet streaming and provide ample time for public input in their decision making process. 

Republicans We support a transparent legislative process that would require legislation to be in print and available for public review at least 72 hours prior to any action being taken on the item. 


The California Republican Party believes in the power of free markets and enterprise to create jobs.  

Republicans believe that job creators must be allowed to thrive without the burden of excessive, expensive, and unnecessary regulation

Republicans believe California's cumbersome tax code discourages growth and leads to job creators moving to other states or overseas for more favorable business environments.  

Republicans support a tax code that does not penalize success; a code that promotes economic growth and jobs.  

Republicans believe in free choice for workers in deciding whether or not to join a union. We believe in a workers’ right that will prohibit the automatic deduction from workers’ paychecks funds used for political purposes. We support legislation that creates a level playing field for workers and business creators/owners 


We believe that free enterprise, not government regulation, is the key to creating jobs for all Californians.   

Freedom and free enterprise are fundamental to the American way of life; indeed, they are the backbone of our nation.  Economic freedom leads to opportunity, opportunity leads to growth, and growth leads to progress.  This is the story of America.  

Economic growth depends on individual liberty, and it enables all citizens to maximize the opportunity to retain the rewards of their labor.  Californians are some of the hardest-working and most entrepreneurial people in the world.  We have seen disruptive technologies and business models such as ride sharing, short-term rentals, and intra-city mass transit improve the lives of California citizens.  These path-breaking companies have made many California communities better places to live and visit. We believe that the government must support an environment in which jobs can be created, even as new technologies challenge the status quo and alter the way people live and work. 

We believe that people make better decisions than does government, and the free market embodies this principle.  The government’s role is to ensure that markets are free and that there is genuine competition.  Government should protect our citizens from international cartels and piracy of their intellectual property.  We support right-to-work laws and reject mandatory closed union shops where workers are forced to join unions against their will.  We also reject union workers being forced to make political contributions to candidates or causes that they oppose. 

For California's businesses to grow, thrive, and create wealth, a first-class physical infrastructure is necessary.  We support investment in California’s transportation infrastructure through “pay as you go” financing that utilizes existing revenue sources for their intended purpose. We oppose bonded indebtedness or the use of other revenues to fund high-speed rail.


The California Republican Party believes that the United States health care system delivers the finest medical care in the world.  We support the concept of freedom of choice in health care.   

Republicans We oppose government-mandated health care plans that restrict freedom of choice, and we oppose the bureaucratic restrictions of single-payer plans.  Republicans We support restructuring Medicaid to restrict elective, medically-unnecessary surgeries while increasing the compensation to doctors and hospitals for necessary surgeries and other treatments.  Republicans We also oppose any universal healthcare plan for California that involves taxes on doctors or hospitals, coverage for illegal aliens, or tax subsides.  Republicans we support private sector solutions such as small business insurance pools, employment pricing reductions, guaranteed insurability, and medical savings accounts.  

Republicans encourage and support the private and charitable sectors roles in assisting the elderly with long-term health care needs. 


Our history is a story of immigrants.  The California Republican Party welcomes and values each and every legal immigrant.   

Republicans We are proud that after 400 years, America continues to symbolize hope and promise to people from around the world.  Immigrants have helped to make our great nation greater still.   

Republicans We affirm our country’s absolute right to control its borders.

Republicans We support legal immigration and the immigration laws currently in effect, and we call on the government to enforce all such laws.  To take any other position would be a great injustice to those who have complied with the system of legal immigration and would expose California’s legal residents to national security risks.   

Once one enters the United States as a legal immigrant and desires to become a citizen, one should work actively to become American.  Republicans We believe this country should grant citizenship only to those who embrace American values and culture.  New immigrants should be required to learn English, and businesses should be able to require employees to speak the English language while on the job.   

English should be the official language of government.  All election ballots and other government documents should be printed in English only.  Government should offer intensive English language instruction to all who need it and offer stipends to help make possible attendance.

California should work with the federal government to institute a worker visa program that will make it easy for people to work legally in the United States.  Allowing illegal immigrants to remain in California undermines respect for the law.  To join a worker visa program, workers must apply from their own country so that they arrive in the United States with a visa and a job in hand.  As part of the application process, we believe each worker should take an oath to obey American law and understand that criminal activity will result in deportation.

For this worker visa program, each worker would receive a tamper-proof identification card with biometrics to allow the government to track him.  This card should include a real-time verification system so that an individual’s immigration status can be immediately ascertained.  The California Republican Party supports heavy monetary fines for employers and businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

We encourage the cross-deputation of state and county law enforcement personnel so that illegal aliens who are also criminals can be deported immediately upon completion of their sentences.  We call on the Federal Government to reimburse California for the costs of federally-mandated immigration programs and federally-mandated benefits to illegal aliens.  Finally, we support the termination of all federal and state benefits to illegal aliens other than emergency medical care.


Justice is an American virtue.  To make justice available to every person, Republicans we support legal innovations such as arbitration, mediation, and reasonable limitations on unnecessary discovery and motion practice. 

Individuals and businesses alike are besieged by baseless and overly burdensome litigation.  To ensure the availability of quality health care, we support reasonable limitations on general damages awards (e.g., as contained in the bipartisan “Malpractice Insurance Crisis Reform Act”).  We favor reasonable and consistent standards for punitive damages awards, which should only be available for intentional, egregious misconduct. 


The California Republican Party stands for a strong national defense. 

The first duty of government is to provide for the common defense.  The California Republican Party asserts that it is imperative that United States we retain our military superiority in order to deter any potential adversary.  Yet, we affirm that our military forces exist to deter our enemies and not to initiate war. 

The California Republican Party believe we should never allow our troops to be put under foreign command nor committed to a foreign conflict unless U.S. national interests are directly at stake and there is a clear military goal and a firm exit strategy.

Republicans we recognize the rise in international terrorism against western democracies and understand that no country can successfully combat it alone.  We believe in supporting our allies and in defeating international terrorists and those who support them, wherever they hide.    We object to a "surrender first" policy or unilateral withdrawal.

Republicans We believe that compensation for our troops and their families should be fair, and we support a state and federal income tax exemption while our troops are on active duty.


The California Republican Party We acknowledge that Proposition 13 has saved residential and commercial property owners hundreds of billions of dollars since it was approved. It provides a uniform one percent property tax rate that provides stability for homeowners and small business owners alike. Proposition 13 remains popular today because it allows citizens to exercise control over a government that should be limited and responsible with the people's money. Its two-thirds vote for tax increases ensures fiscal responsibility on all levels of governments. All citizens, including homeowners, business owners, renters, as well as local governments, benefit from Proposition 13's tax stability.  


Republicans We stand for the principle that condemnation and government restriction on private property must only occur for public use. 

One of the purest forms of tyranny is government confiscation of its citizens’ private property.  We reject condemnation or government restrictions on property without full compensation for such condemnations or restrictions.  We reject government condemnation of private property for non-public use.

Republicans We further support local land use decision making, with as much opportunity for public input and comment as possible, instead of regional planning efforts, such as United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Plan Bay Area, that impose state and regional mandates on local government and private property owners.


The United States Constitution guarantees the right of its citizenry to keep and bear arms.

One of the first acts of a totalitarian regime is to disarm its people.  California's gun control laws only serve to disarm law-abiding citizens, not criminals.  We oppose any further gun control legislation and support the right of all California citizens to own and bear guns and ammunition for any lawful purpose.  We call for statewide legislation setting reasonable criteria allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons.  We support an individual’s right to use deadly force to protect lives and property.  We also propose amending California’s constitution to reflect all of these rights.

Finally, we call for the elimination of waiting periods to purchase firearms and instead support complete implementation of instant background checks.


The California Republican Party is the party that protects innocent life because we believe life begins at conception and ends at natural death. 

Republicans We support laws that protect unborn children from partial birth, sex selection, and tax-payer funded abortions, and abortions performed as a form of birth control or on minor girls without their parents’ notification and consent.

We believe that the question of abortion is a matter that should be left to the people through their elected representatives, not usurped by the United States Supreme Court.  Accordingly, we encourage the reversal of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Republicans We support adoption as an alternative to abortion and call on lawmakers to reduce the bureaucratic burden placed on adoptive couples. 

As a part of respecting the sanctity of life for disabled persons, we oppose efforts to legalize assisted suicide or euthanasia.

We support a comprehensive ban on all human cloning.

The California Republican Party supports ethical stem cell research that focuses on cures and does not destroy innocent human life.


The California Republican Party is the party of balanced budgets, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. 

Republicans We believe that taxes in California are too high, and that our state government spends too much.  We stand for the wise stewardship and responsible use of the people’s money.  Republicans We support without exception and without apology a two-thirds vote requirement for tax increases, tax increases labeled as fees, bonds, and the state budget.  We call for a constitutional ban on any bonded indebtedness to cover general operating deficits, and we oppose unfunded federal and state mandates.  We support our Republican legislators’ efforts to require California's government live within its means.  

Republicans We call upon our government officials to join a pledge to stand together against any new taxes.  Through expanding population and economic strength, there already exists a mechanism to automatically raise all of the revenue needed to properly meet California’s needs.  The problems with California’s budget stem from lack of fiscal accountability and control.  The California Republican Party believes that the answer will never be to increase the tax burden on Californians.  We believe that Democrats have not prioritized infrastructure investment with general operating funds, which leads to a dangerous amount of bonded indebtedness, further imperils our state’s financial situation, and needlessly passes financial responsibility for current needs over to our children.

We acknowledge a responsibility to those California citizens who cannot take care of themselves.  We support reasonable work requirements for welfare recipients who can work, and the termination of welfare benefits for those who can work but refuse to do so.  We reject any welfare or social benefits for those who have criminally immigrated into California.

We recognize that unfunded public employee pension liabilities are currently the greatest threat to the financial security of our economy and government.  We support the conversion of all public employee pension plans to 401(k)-style plans that provide only the benefits that have been funded by the actual contributions received.

We support the adoption of an optional single-rate system to give taxpayers the convenience of filing their taxes with a one-page form.  We also support the abolition of the death tax. 

Government is not equipped to participate, and should not compete, in the free market.  Wherever the public’s money can be saved and the level of service increased, we call for the privatizing services now delivered by government.  

We reject the unjustified use of rhetoric like "shared responsibility" as justification for an increase of state government spending and wrongful expansion of the role of government, at the expense of individual responsibility.


The California Republican Party believes we are free because of those who have answered the call to serve.

California is home to thousands of our American veterans, and Republicans believe veterans and their families should be respectfully cared for with the honor they deserve for the sacrifices they have made in defense of our freedom. 

Republicans are committed to providing programs with care and dignity that offer readjustment information and counseling to our veterans, their families, support for job programs, health care, housing, one-stop service centers, and education programs to support all veterans and their families.

We are free because of those who have answered the call to serve.

The California Republican Party salutes all California veterans and we commit to continued support for them through efforts such as, but not limited to, transition assistance, jobs programs, housing assistance, retirement benefits and health care.  We support fair efforts to privatize the operations of the Veteran's Administration in order to increase efficiencies and quality of care.


The California Republican Party believes that water is California’s lifeline and additional efforts must be made to protect and increase water supply to support a thriving economy.

Without water the bread basket of United States, California would once again only be able a grow dry crops.

While California’s population is expected to grow by more than 600,000 each year, reaching between 44 and 48 million by 2025, the state’s water infrastructure was built 3 ½ decades ago to serve roughly 1/3rd as many people.

Amid an extensive drought, dwindling snowpack, shrinking reservoirs, deteriorating water quality, rising water rates, restricted water use, and devastating economic impact, the voters approved Proposition 1(2014), a $7.12 billion water bond to fund water supply infrastructure projects.

The California Republican Party is committed to supporting the construction of new, above-ground water storage facilities and desalinization plants as critical components in the plan to meet California’s long-term water needs.

The California Republican Party We encourage the comprehensive and efficient management of California’s precious water resources in order to accommodate growth in California; to ensure that California’s communities have access to an adequate supply of safe drinking water; and to guarantee that our farms and businesses get the water they need even in dry years.

We oppose additional bonded indebtedness.


The California Republican Party recognizes the truth: Government is meant to serve the people.  As such, government is solemnly charged with the responsibility to craft long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

The California Republican Party We pledges to hold our government responsible for securing the safety of our families, for expanding our world-class economy, and for promoting fairness and justice for every Californian.



We invite you to review our site and use it as a resource for all things Republican.

We strive to provide you with a central location for information, education, and communication. Use this as a starting point where you can get involved, have interaction, and feel a sense of community with similar minded people.

Locate an event on our calendar, or a link. Find something of interest to you and get involved.

Our goal is to help YOU support the best candidates for election to local, state and national offices and assist elected republican officials in the execution of their responsibilities.

Please feel free to use the contact information listed on this website, contact me so that we might answer your questions and serve you better.

Carl Burton, President


President Ronald Reagan Framed Art Print

Ronald Wilson Reagan
February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004
40th President of the United States (1981–1989
33rd Governor of California (1967–1975)

We’re Republican because like President Reagan

• We BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person's dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.

• We BELIEVE in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability.

• We BELIEVE in free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.

• We BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.

• We BELIEVE the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations, and that the best government is that which governs least.

• We BELIEVE the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people.

• We BELIEVE Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times.

• We BELIEVE Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

• FINALLY, We believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.

Carl Burton, President
Republicans of River City


Abraham Lincoln
1809 - 1865

"I leave you, hoping that the lamp of liberty will burn in your bosoms until there shall no longer be a doubt that all men are created free and equal."