Republicans of River City

Endorsements for 2016 Primary Election

The members of RRC have made the following endorsements for the June 7, Primary Election and we want to encourage you to check out the candidates we have endorsed and join us in voting for them.

Carl Burton, President
Republicans of River City




Republicans of River City Endorsements
Statewide Republican Candidates

Neel_Kashkari Neel Kashkari for Governor 2014

About Neel Kashkari
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Ron_Nehring Ron Nehring for Lt. Governor 2014

Small Businessman/Educator
About Ron Nehring
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Pete_Peterson SOS Pete Peterson for Secretary of State 2014

Educator/Institute Director
About Pete Peterson
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Ashley_Swearengin Ashley Swearengin for Controller 2014

Mayor, City of Fresno
About Ashley Swearengin
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Greg_Conlon Greg Conlon for California State Treasurer

About Greg Conlon
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Ron_Gold Ron Gold for Attorney General 2014

Retired State Prosecutor
About Ron Gold
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Ted_Gaines Gaines for Insurance Commissioner 2014

Independent Insurance Agent
About Ted Gaines
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Sacramento County Republican Candidates

House of Representative
District 3                                 Dan Logue
District 6                                 Joseph McCray, Sr.
District 7                                 Doug Ose                                 
District 9                                 Antonio C. “Tony” Amador    

State Senator
District 4                                 Jim Nielsen
District 8                                 Tom Berryhill

State Assembly
District 6                                Beth Gaines
District 8                                Douglas Haaland
District 11                              Alex Henthorn

Board of Equalization             George Runner


Sacramento County Local (Cities, Schools and Special District) Candidates

Citrus Heights City Council
Jeannie Bruins
Steve “Sparky” Miller
Tim Schaefer

Cosumnes Community Services District
Rich Lozano

Elk Grove City Council
Nayyar Serfaraz

Galt Joint Union High School Trustee
Patrick Maple

Los Rios Community College
Jayna Karpinski-Costa

Natomas Joint Union School Trustee
Jag Beins

Rancho Cordova City Council
Linda Budge
Daniel Skoglund

Sacramento Municipal Utilities District
Carl A Burton

San Juan Unified School District
Michael Miller

San Juan Water District
Ted Costa
Kevin Thomas
Robert Walters

For Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court

Vote Yes for Kaathryn Mickle Werdegar

For the Third Appellate District Court
Vote Yes for Vance W. Raye
Vote Yes for Andrea Lynn
Vote Yes for Ronald B. Robie
Vote Yes for William J. Murrary, Jr.
Vote Yes for Louis Mauro
Vote Yes for Elena J. Duarte

For Statewide Proposition
Yes on Proposition 1 Water Bond
Yes on Proposition 2 Budget Stabilization
No on Proposition 45 Healthcare Insurance Rate Changes
No on Proposition 46 Lawsuits Initiative
No on Proposition 47 Criminal Sentences Misdemeanor
Yes on Proposition 48 Indian Gaming Compacts

Republicans of River City is pleased to provide you with this information and links to current information on local, state and federal election and legislative activity.

Carl Burton, President of RRC
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