Republicans of River City News Release

For Immediate Release
Date 05/29/2007
Contact: Carl Burton, President RRC
Phone 916-485-5741

Giuliani wins straw poll

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani won the straw poll at the Sacramento County Fair (May 24 - 28) sponsored by Republicans of River City.

Carl Burton, President of Republicans of River City said "fair goers were asked, if the election were held today, which Republican currently seeking the presidency would you vote for in the California Presidential primary election?" We had 300 ballots cast by individual fair goers.

Giuliani came in first, with 88 votes; former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts came in second with 53 votes; followed by Senator McCain with 46 votes.

Potential candidates former Senator Fred Thompson received 37 votes and former House Speaker Gingrich received 31 votes.

Congressman Duncan Hunter of Southern California received 18 votes; Congressman Ron Paul of Texas got six votes; and Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado received five votes.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice received one write in vote and Democratic Senator Barack Obama also received one write in vote. Senator Brownback of Kansas received one vote; former Governor Gilmore of Virginia received one vote; former Governor of Arkansas Huckabee received six votes; and former Governor Thompson of Wisconsin also received six votes.

Burton said, "Some of the people who voted said they would vote for Governor Schwarzenegger if he could run for President" and a few other people who stopped at our booth said it was "too early" and they did not know enough about the candidates to pick one and they declined to vote in our straw poll.

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