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Republicans of River City have organized an online letters-to-the-editor campaign, in order to increase public awareness of government issues and candidates.

Write a Letter to the Editor Online in support of Republican Candidates and issues.

You can write and send a letter to California newspapers directly from this web site. 

Letters are taken more seriously if they are written individually, we are asking that you write your own letter in your own words rather than supplying you with a pre-written form letter.  The more personal your letter is, the more influence it has.  Say what's on your mind and in your heart.  Use your own words, don't think you have to write like an expert to have influence.

Be brief, clear and specific.  Stick to no more than 150 words if possible.

First,  pick one issue that you feel strong about and use it as the basis of your letter.

IMPORTANT: Please include your name, address, day time telephone number and e-mail address at the end of your letter.  This information is requested by newspapers in case they need to contact you, and some newspapers will not print a letter that doesn't allow them to verify that you are the sender. 

Second,  Compose your letter and send it (you can compose your letter in your word processing software program, like Word then copy and paste to your email program)

If you want your letter to be posted on our web site be sure and bcc your letter to the editor to


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